There are many nails patterns that a lady should think of. Each year some new fine designs are developed by artists. One of such is ombre. Such nails look unforgettable.

Depending on the color you choose you can get a different look of ombre nails. If you decide for bright tones, you will get a manicure for summer. If you would like to get ombre in red this will look great during cold seasons.

Ideas to Follow

Deciding on a right nail pattern, it is important to create a harmonic look. Ombre pattern will complete every type of style. If you decide for bright colors, you will get a perfect design. One of such can be red and white tones.

Red and white tones contrast between each other. This makes such tones very expressive. They are rather visible on nails. Here are some fine red and white ombre nails designs:

  • Classic pattern. You should visit a professional to create beautiful ombre. Special technique is used for this purpose. You should think how to place colors. You can put red on top if you want to make tips more impressive. If you want to concentrate attention on the basis of a nail, choose a white tone for tips. Classic ombre looks very impressive. You can wear it with every type of clothing.
  • Light ombre with accessories. It is one of the most feminine types of manicure. You can put a small nails decoration. This will make a pattern looking more luxurious. Such a design will go well to wear with a dress. Do not put too many decorative parts.
  • Design with a drawing. Ombre background can become a perfect basis to draw on it. To create a harmonious design, it is better to paint something that has red and white in it. You can draw flame pattern on red part of nails. If you like calm images, choose clouds painting on white color. It is also possible to combine white with light blue.
  • Line designs. Ombre manicure is characterdinge by unclear lines. There is no exact border between white and red colors. It is possible to optically build such line. You can use some unusual colors. Choose silver or gold. Such tones will help to create an impressive pattern.

These are some creative designs. You can choose one of those. If not, there is always a chance to create your own. Experiment a lot with nails design. You will like creating a unique pattern.

A type of nail polish you choose for manicure will influence the way the final design looks. If you want a design for several days, paint it with regular color. To enhance color, it is good to use liquid gel products. Such a polish will make a design more impressive. It will help to create a perfect look to wear for special events.