Nail design can express femininity of a lady. Depending on which pattern you choose you will get a different style. It is important to decide for nails pattern that will harmonize with clothing. This will help to create a stunning look.

Pink color is an excellent possibility to express emotions. You can draw the most complex drawing with this tone. It can serve as a perfect basis. A woman of any age can choose such a tone.

Ideas to Check

There are many nail patterns. If you want to choose a special pattern, you should define what you wish to see on nails. You should think of colors that allow to draw clear or sophisticated object. Your choice will determine the final style.

It is a fine thought to choose nail designs depending on the season. During summer you will like pattern to be in bright tones. During cold seasons it is possible to combine pink tone with dark colors. Here are some of the most impressive pink nail designs for short nails:

  • Pink only. There is no better option for women with a sense of style. Pink tone looks very natural. If you choose light pink you can wear such manicure for work. If you decide for intense tone, you should wear such designs for walks in summer.
  • Clouds pattern. Clouds on the sky attract our attention. They are unclear but they look impressive. If you put transparent basis you can draw pink clouds on  a finger. It will look very feminine. Such pattern is not too visible. It looks rather sophisticated.
  • Objects in pink. Pink is a fine tone to draw things. You can choose some objects you like. You can ask a professional to paint this thing on a nail. This idea is better to realize on transparent basis. Intense pink will become more visible.
  • Arts patterns. There are many interesting arts styles. Some are characterised by dot technique. Others are presented by geometrical figures. You can choose a style you like. Then you can think of a personal interpretation of it. This can be easily done. To realize your idea, it is better to visit a professional. He will paint any theme you wish.
  • Landscapes. This type of manicure occupies separate place. Every girl has her favorite landscape. You can try to copy a scenery from real life in a nail drawing. It is better to choose a landscape that is associated with pleasant emotions. Each time you look at such nails you will have fine feelings.

These are beautiful nail designs. There is always a possibility to experiment with patterns. The more creative you are, the better. You should love designs you wear.