Women often want to follow modern trends in styling. There are many innovations in fashion sphere and nail art. However, many of these trends take its beginning from past tendencies.

There is no design that can look not in a contemporary way. It is more important that a design suits a lady. If you like impressive manicure, you can choose white and rose gold nails designs.

Themes to Follow

There are many beautiful colors. During warm seasons it is better to cover nails in bright colors. They look very expressive. It is possible to wear such designs for every day.

Dark colors go better with warm clothing and cool weather. They can be a fine option to wear with sweaters and warm trousers. You can try black, red, brown or intense grey.

The third type of tones is the most unique. It is a mixture of colors. Rose gold is one of sych. It is a beautiful tone. If you decide to wear such nail polish, it will show your femininity.

During all seasons, rose gold is totally suitable. The more creative pattern you choose to draw, the better it is. It is important to change drawing from time to time. Here are some white and rose gold nails designs:

  • White tips design. It is classic type of manicure. There is no better option for women who like elegant style. One part of a nail should be painted in rose gold. The tips will be colored in white. This manicure will also look modern. Classic gold tone will attract attention in this pattern. If you think of experimenting, paint tips in rose. Such a color switch will create even more splendid design.
  • Figures in rose gold. White tone can become a perfect basic color. You can cover the whole nail with it. You have to think about things you appreciate in life. Think of your hobbies or favorite painting. You can then depict it on nails. You can use rose tone for it. Such a drawing will look fascinating. Rose gold tone is perfect also to fill in the objects. It will make them very visible.
  • Snow patterns. The are no better colors to depict winter than white and rose gold. You can draw snowflake with white. On rose basis, such a pattern will look impressive. Such a design looks very tenderly. It will be perfect to wear during New Year celebration. If you want to make this pattern more luxurious, you can decorate nails. You can choose between many nails accessories.

These are beautiful designs you can choose. There are many more ideas. You can also invent your own pattern. The most important is that you should like a nail design. It is the key thing. You should experiment a lot to find a dream design.