How to make a heart braid hairstyle

Young girls often have the need to “play” with the appearance. Create a mischievous and flirty image will help hairstyle heart. With the help of styling will be able to stand out from the crowd, to surprise others, without shocking cardinal changes in appearance. The option is ideal for little girls and young women. Mature women with a similar hairstyle look infantile, non-serious, which is sometimes also quite acceptable.

The history of the hairstyle

To twist hearts out of the hair became recently. The hairstyle as a children’s version of the styling began to be used in the second half of the XX century. Girls with hearts out of hair look cute. The variant is original, allows you to attract attention.

For obvious reasons, teenage girls have a special love for hearts as a hairstyle. The spectacular way of decorating the hair is perfectly combined with the young appearance. The hairstyle adds a romantic image, creates an accent advantage, and excites secret admirers.

To meet adult women with such “miracles” in the hair is difficult. The styling is allowed on special occasions.

How to make a heart braid hairstyle

General description

Heart hairstyle is performed in different variations. The most popular format of styling is a shaped symbol, woven from braids. The variant is created as a result of a purposeful change in the trajectory of the weaving.

The hairstyle is also made of flagella or elongated strands, folded on a given principle around the shaped sections. It is possible to braid a large heart or create a series of compact characters from the hair.

The maximum attention is attracted by the hearts, complemented with coloring and jewelry. Usually they use non-sticky mascara or sprays. As decorations are popular hairpins and hairpins with rhinestones, miniature analogues of the symbol, ribbons of bright colors.

Who it suits

The classic heart-shaped hair braid is difficult to properly fit into the image. The hairstyle is perfectly combined with the children’s appearance. Adult girls are advised to carefully assess the situation, the available parameters. Solid, aged ladies with a similar “charm” on the head look silly.

Tight braiding opens the face as much as possible, which is not always suitable for the owners of a narrow, elongated, wide oval. Small imperfections can be corrected by bangs, released on the face by the strands.

This variant is not suitable for every occasion. It is recommended to make the styling for informal meetings, dates and themed events. The hairstyle adds to the appearance of frivolity, which is not suitable for a business-like, strict image.

The styling will perfectly diversify the image of young girls. The variant will add romantic, mysterious, will attract additional attention to the person. Hair looks equally well with a swimsuit, look casual or lightweight dress.

Hairstyle can be carried out on medium length hair. The structure of the hair is not taken into account. It is more convenient to do the styling, using straight strands. The hairstyle looks identical on thin, stiff, curly hair.

Common recommendations

Braiding is more convenient to do on straight hair. It is recommended to straighten curls before making braids. It is not necessary to pull the hair completely. It is enough to make the strands more pliable.

Braiding is better to do on clean, dry or slightly damp hair, pre-treated with foam. It is recommended to perform the hairstyle with the involvement of an assistant. Get a neat result is problematic.

Symmetry is important when styling. It is required to act accurately, achieving a mirror reflection of the halves of the created symbol. To do this, control the weaving, if necessary, making timely changes.

Before attempting to master braiding in the form of a symbol, it is recommended to practice braiding in braids according to the chosen technology. Creating simple linear elements is obligatory to bring to perfection. All the more, the spikelet or braid refers to the elementary methods of braiding.

Necessary tools

Heart of the hair to do not difficult, using the step-by-step instructions for performing the styling. The variant will require strict compliance with the technology. The following tools will be required for the work:

  • a fine comb with frequent teeth, a tip-separator on the end;
  • rubber bands of small size;
  • clips or rubber bands for a temporary fixation;
  • foam, varnish.

Cost in the salon

It is rare to make a beautiful heart at the first attempt. It is necessary to work on your skills. If you need to immediately get a neat result, it is better to go to a hairdressing salon. The master’s services usually cost $10-$20.

Step by step instructions

A heart of hair can be made in different ways. The most simple version: forming the contours of the symbol by tying small ponytails in turn. To fix the elements, it is recommended to use bright colored rubber bands.

The version in the form of a heart made of plaits is popular. The styling is performed using the following technology:

  • Hair is divided into 4 parts with the help of a partition. A central vertical line and a curly line on the border of the crown and the back of the head. The second line is semicircular, reminiscent of the curved arches of the created figure.
  • Braiding begins from the border of the parting, directing the plait along the shaped parting. Perform the element according to the French scheme. Unused parts of the hair are fixed separately.
  • Approaching the ear, the direction of the plaiting go down. Run a line on the diagonal. Part of the form is completed at the bottom on the border with the vertical parting. Fix the braid with a silicone rubber band.
  • Strictly symmetrical perform the other part of the symbol.
  • Leave the hair at the bottom free, make a ponytail, plait or braid it in any pattern.
  • The styling is allowed to fix a little varnish. This action is most relevant for the owners of curly, naughty, short hair.
  • The result, if desired, decorate the selected way.

Popular variations

A heart of hair is not necessary to make from the general mass of the hair. Small symbols or a number of figures look original. The line of hearts, smoothly decreasing or increasing in size, looks bright.

To create the outlines of the symbol on the head is not necessary to weave braids. For many, it is enough to limit the contours with shaped partings. The mass of the hair is removed in a ponytail or bundle.

For adult women, a miniature heart on the background of loose hair is more popular. The element is woven from braids or plaits. Especially original looks similar styling on fashionable strands in pink and gray tones.

Pros and cons

Heart hairstyle does not enjoy mass popularity. The option will allow you to stand out from the crowd, will create a romantic, non-serious mood. It is useful for a limited number of situations. The styling is more often used by young individuals.

A heart of hair requires accuracy in the performance. It is difficult to pick up the styling under the appearance, the image. It is difficult to create harmony of appearance with this hairstyle.